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Monday, June 13, 2005

Garter Stitch Jacket II

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Pattern: Debbie Bliss, The Baby Knits Book

Yarn: Bernat Cotton Tots in Little Boy Blue (aptly named, don't you think?)

Notes: I crocheted a single crochet edging around the sleeves and edges. Here's a closeup of the neck where you can see the right side and the wrong side of the crochet. The neckline was a little inconsistent because of cast-on and increased stitches and this neated it up nicely. (click for a bigger image)

I did the edging in the same color as the rest of the sweater and I chose buttons that matched pretty closely. I thought about doing the edging and buttons in a contrasting color but I nixed that idea in the end. I liked the simple look of the jacket and decided not to fuss with it.

I fussed around a little with the cast on stitches for the pockets. First I tried the backward loop cast on (pic on right). I didn't like the loose, sloppy stitches so I ripped it back and went with the cable cast on (pic on left) which looked much neater.

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