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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gobstopper Cardi

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Pattern: In my head. It's just a basic sweater with a little collar with a picot bind off. And a one-button closure, like the Jawbreaker Cardi that inspired it. I'll call it the Gobstopper Cardi, since a gobstopper is basically a mini-jawbreaker. Plus I love gobstoppers.

Yarn: 5.5 oz of Corriedale that I spun and made a two-ply (dyed by Heather), knit on size 10.5 needles.

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I am so happy with this. I can't believe how well it fits her! I was worried about the sleeves being too short, but really they're just perfect. I reknit the collar three times to get it to lay right, and used up very last bit of yarn. All I had left was the little bits left after weaving in the ends. I've never planned something out like this (from fiber to finished garment) and had it work out so perfectly.

Click any little pic for a big version:

Livvy Livvy Liv's sweater from the back Liv's Sweater Liv's sweater

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At 11:07 AM, June 16, 2007, Blogger Mary said...

This sweater is just precious. Love the yarn and love the simple one button. It looks great on her.

At 7:59 AM, June 17, 2007, Anonymous Debbie said...

Oh, this is darling. I love the yarn. Would it be possible for you to write down the pattern?? I know, that's tough, when it's your own pattern and in your head. I would love to make this.

At 5:54 AM, October 29, 2010, Anonymous web design said...

How cute she is looking in this sweater, I love red color guys. This sweater is very comfortable and beautiful on her body.


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